Apache Kafka Certification Training helps you in learning the concepts about Kafka Architecture, Configuring Kafka Cluster, Kafka Producer, Kafka Consumer, Kafka Monitoring.

Apache Kafka Certification Training is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to become a successful Kafka Big Data Developer.

    Note: Cloudera's four-day administrator training course for CDP Private Cloud Base provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of all the steps necessary to operate and maintain on-premises clusters using Cloudera Manager.

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    Course Description

    Apache Kafka Certification Training is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to become a successful Kafka Big Data Developer. The training encompasses the fundamental concepts (such as Kafka Cluster and Kafka API) of Kafka and covers the advanced topics (such as Kafka Connect, Kafka streams, Kafka Integration with Hadoop, Storm and Spark) thereby enabling you to gain expertise in Apache Kafka.

    Learning Objectives

    Throughout the course, hands-on exercises reinforce the topics being discussed. Exercises include:

    • Using Kafka’s command-line tools
    • Automating configuration
    • Using Kafka’s administrative tools
    • Tuning Producer and Consumer performance
    • Securing the cluster
    • Building data pipelines with Kafka Connect

    Certification Curriculum

    Module 1
    Fundamentals of Apache Kafka
    • Kafka as a Distributed Streaming Platform
    • The Distributed Log
    • Producer and Consumer Basics
    Module 2
    Apache Kafka Architecture
    • Kafka’s Commit Log
    • Replication for High Availability
    • Partitions and Consumer Groups for Scalability
    • Security Overview
    Module 3
    Providing Durability
    • Data Replication
    • Failure Recovery
    • Log Files & Offset Management
    • Exactly-Once Semantics (EOS)
    Module 4
    Managing a Cluster
    • Installing and Running Kafka
    • Configuration Management
    • Monitoring
    • Log Retention and Compaction
    • Commissioning and Decommissioning Brokers
    Module 5
    Optimizing Apache Kafka Performance
    • Monitoring, Testing, and Tuning Brokers and Kafka Clients
    • The Consumer Group Protocol
    Module 6
    Apache Kafka Security
    • Transport Encryption
    • Authentication
    • Securing Apache Kafka
    • Migrating to a Secure Cluster
    Module 7
    Data Pipelines with Kafka Connect
    • The Motivation for Kafka Connect
    • Types of Connectors
    • Kafka Connect Implementation
    • Standalone and Distributed Modes
    • Configuring the Connectors
    Module 8
    Kafka in Production
    • Kafka Reference Architecture for Apache Kafka and the Complete Confluent Platform
    • Capacity Planning
    • Multi Data Center Deployments


    Attendees should have a working knowledge of the Kafka architecture, either from prior experience or the recommended prerequisite course Confluent Fundamentals for Apache Kafka®. It is also important to have strong knowledge of Linux/Unix and understand basic TCP/IP networking concepts. Familiarity with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is helpful.

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    Certification Assessment

    When you complete all of the courses in the program, you’ll earn a Certificate to share with your professional network as well as unlock access to career support resources to help you kickstart your new career. Many Professional Certificates have hiring partners that recognize the Professional Certificate credential and others can help prepare you for a certification exam. You can find more information on individual Professional Certificate pages where it applies.

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    Training FAQ's

    Is this training conducted as an online/ virtual course?

    As a response to the COVID-19, we have moved our classes online. Our Live Virtual format delivers the same benefits as our face-to-face training: expert instruction, hands-on labs and exercises, peer-to-peer collaboration, and high-quality instructional material.

    If I cancel the enrollment, will I get a refund?

    Cancellation requests received within 24 hours of registration would be offered a full refund (minus payment gateway charges), please reach out to our support team through drop a refund request to Visit our page for more details about Cancellation & Refund Policy.

    What Payment Options Are Available?

    The process of enrolling for this classroom training is simple. The payment can be made through different options by using a debit/credit card which includes MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express or through PayPal. Acknowledgment will be issued automatically via email to the candidates once payment is done.

    What are the modes of payment available for payment of accreditation fees?

    Payment can be made via credit card, debit card, UPI, and internet banking.

    Have more doubts?

    Please send in an email to, and we will answer any queries you may have!

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