SCRUM MASTER is the helping team leader who guarantees that the team fixes to its desired method and removes obstructing issues. There are many functions of a Scrum Master and certain responsibilities that the team leader manages.

The roles of the Scrum Master thus are as follows:

  • Ensures team’s functionality and productivity.
  • Facilitates cooperation among all roles and responsibilities
  • Eliminates obstacles
  • Protects the team from superficial interferences
  • Promotes daily Scrums

Know deeply about the roles and responsibilities of the Scrum Master

  • Servant Leader– The Scrum Master role is a critical one in the agile world. The scrum master serves the team and product owner to turn product requirements into working software. However, it can be challenging to transition from a traditional project management role to a Scrum Master role because of the differences in responsibilities and authority. This course will compare traditional project management roles to Scrum Master roles, so you understand how to make the most of the transition.
  • Monitoring and Tracking – Staying focused and on track is one of the key roles for a Scrum Master. They maintain effectiveness in close communication with the Product Owner, stakeholders, and the development team. The scrum master also tracks the status of an agile project, and monitors team members’ respect for the process.
  • Reporting & Communication – The scrum master is responsible for the success of the sprint and all reporting of events, status and activities to higher management, both internally and externally. They act as a representative for the team in all decision making related to quality assurance and prioritization requests. The scrum master helps facilitate interaction between the team members, including knowledge transfer of roles/responsibilities which are critical to the health of the sprint moving forward.
  • Quality master– Quality assurance is taken seriously by the Scrum teams because it is the entire team that shares responsibility for the end product. There are several practices and tools used to help communicate and track bugs and issues, including the use of a Scrum team backlog. The quality assurance role is self-organizing, like all roles in Scrum, and there is no single title or role in a Scrum project. A Quality Assurance person should not be responsible for quality, but should work with the team to ensure good quality.
  • Interface between the technical team and the business– As a scrum master, you play an important role in the delivery of software products. In order to deliver high quality and productive software, you will have to do multiple tasks. Being a scrum master means that you have to be involved in planning, coordination, estimation and mentoring of your team. As per my experience with my clients, one should be in touch with all team members and help them wherever possible so that they can deliver the best solution at the end of each sprint.
  • Resolves impediments– A scrum master is the facilitator of a Scrum team. The key responsibility for a scrum master is to remove impediments to the ability of the team to deliver high-quality software. The scrum master is not a servant-leader; rather, he or she is a servant-facilitator.
  • Shields the team– As a Scrum Master delivering project outcomes on time and within budget is one of your most important responsibilities. Scrum Master ensures that the team is working well and looking after the interests of the project, but you do not manage people.
  • Team formation– Agile team formation is not an easy task, especially when you are working in big teams. The goal of agile scrum master is to form high-performing teams. You’ll depend on your scrum master to help form the team. Agile is a fluid process that can be challenging even for seasoned managers. 
  • Performance Appraisal & Feedback – The scrum master will help facilitate this initiative by providing necessary feedback about the team members’ performance and achievements during the appraisal review process. While the delivery unit head is responsible for overseeing the overall process, the scrum master has a unique vantage point and visibility into all facets of the team’s work, making him or her an ideal resource for this task.


Thus, as the human representative on the Scrum team, the Scrum Master is there to help the team achieve its objectives and to improve their efficiency. They help the team to understand Scrum practices, roles, and rules. Whenever the team lacks knowledge or understanding, it is their responsibility to provide knowledgeable advice.

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