The outbreak of the pandemic has been disastrous, hasn’t it? It hindered normalcy, and yet we overcame the challenges in education and adapted ourselves to the online mode of learning.

If you are a database administrator, software engineer, database professional, or simply a student who wants to begin a career with MariaDB, we are here to help you find the top MariaDB courses online to be well versed with database management systems.

A plethora of opportunities are being made available to those who want to pursue the top MariaDB course online. Understanding standard concepts like querying languages, MySQL, general programming, and database operations in an application is mandatory.

The top MariaDB courses entail an introduction to the project, its installation and features, syntax, and other aspects in great detail.  In this article, we will discuss the scope and mode of the MariaDB course. Keep yourself hooked!

MariaDB vs. MySQL


MariaDB is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by the original developers of MySQL and guaranteed to be open-source.

MariaDB has become more preferred over MySQL with its improved performance, scalability, and features. Despite performing similar functions, one can infer that MariaDB is a much faster and more efficient fork of MySQL, offering better security and speed.

The former is licensed under the GPL 2.0 license, contrary to the former licensed under GPL 3.0 license. MariaDB is, therefore, easier to integrate into closed source software applications, but MySQL is not. MariaDB’s advanced security model supports role-based access control. It includes support for procedures stored, triggers, and views.

A larger pool of developers works on MariaDB because of its advanced features compared to MySQL. It is more community-driven, and the latter is gradually moving towards an enterprise edition.

Have a look at the growth of interest in MariaDB overtime:

MariaDB Interest Growth Overtime

MariaDB Interest Growth Overtime (Data collected from Google Trends)

Benefits of MariaDB Online Courses

MariaDB online courses deal with Heidi SQL, connection, database, statement, aggregate function, clauses, operators, sum, average, and MariaDB conditions and join.

Designed for DBAs, IT professionals, and application developers, the training is created and delivered to help you learn the combination of basics and advanced concepts. The online course completion tends to result in the development of expertise and edge of knowledge on MariaDB.

By the end of the MariaDB course online, you will have a good grip over Java, R2DBC, Perl, NET, Python, Node.js, and C/C++ programming languages – that is for sure!

Modes of MariaDB Online Courses

The online video courses for 2022 have advanced a great deal. It is a lucid way of conveying to the students regarding syntax and functions, table creation with thread pools and partitioning, the technology of querying, and high-end security associated with MariaDB.

You can pursue these online courses in the form of both public and private online training. Sample videos for beginners to advanced guide is the best mode provided by the top online courses for this relational database management system.

You can choose depending on your preferred schedule and method to pursue MariaDB online courses.

Top MariaDB Online Courses

MariaDB Courses

Greater affordability of the online MariaDB courses has made it possible to enroll in the top training programs and become well-versed by the end.

Below we will discuss well-known MariaDB courses that you must enroll in to enhance your skillset and bag your dream job.

1. MariaDB Training

This course will give you a walkthrough on how to maintain and configure the MariaDB database, learn about the availability of tools, and how to use these tools, improve database performance, and manage complex tasks like clustering, among others.

After completing the course, you will enhance the underlying competencies and become a successful MariaDB Administrator. The training has a foolproof curriculum to lead toward successful learning outcomes.

2. MariaDB Standard Developer

This basic level course teaches the development of applications via MariaDB using various programming languages like Java, R2DBC, Node.js, Python, PHP, Perl, C/C++, and . NET.

3. MariaDB Standard DBA

The essentials of DBA tasks are taught in this course. This helps in the extension of administrative skills. By the end of this course, one will know the optimal use of resources and be able to seamlessly review core administrative tasks like monitoring, restoration, etc.

4. MariaDB Max Scale

Managing a cluster of database servers is taught in this course. It is an intermediate level. Splitting database traffic between servers, streaming a great proportion of data to other applications, and automatic management of database failover are some of the learning outcomes of this course.

5. MariaDB Cluster

Using MariaDB Cluster you can set up and run a multi-master cluster. The basic structure of the MariaDB Cluster is taught in the course with advanced techniques to configure and administer MariaDB Cluster.

6. MariaDB Xpand

Database administrators learn how to operate the SQL database Xpand to learn tasks like importing data, conducting backups, and adding or removing nodes.

7. MariaDB ColumnStore

This is the most important course for DBAs as this storage engine helps run business analytics and transactional processes at the same time. You can bulk import large amounts of data automatically.

The online accreditation validates and benefits data warehousing, e-commerce, logging applications, and enterprise-level features for corporate juggernauts. Online training sessions are about 7-8 hours long.

Still, the knowledge and experience gathered from the wholesome process are worth investing time and money as it simplifies tasks and makes relational data management as easy as a blowing breeze.

Our Upcoming Training

The online MariaDB training program in Singapore with its expert curriculum ensures higher availability and proper management of complex tasks. Check our upcoming training on MariaDB with MariaDB experts.

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By the end of the course, you will be an expert in clustering and building applications! Get yourself enrolled today!

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