The Google Brain team developed the open-source Machine Learning framework with the idea to democratize deep learning for all.

Google’s popularity made TensorFlow the go-to choice for famous names such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Uber, amongst others. However, it wouldn’t be fair to give Google’s ‘popularity’ all the credit for the success & demand of TensorFlow, since TensorFlow experts can earn up to $200K+ annually, which makes it a lucrative career option.

This mind-boggling figure can be a good incentive for you to learn and sign up for a course on TensorFlow and launch your career to make big bucks!

We have shortlisted the best courses on TensorFlow for you, so you don’t have to worry about doing the research.

1. Professional Machine Learning with TensorFlow Certification

This course is designed to teach the participants the art of framing a business use case, creating machine learning datasets, building and operationalizing distributed TensorFlow models, implementing machine learning using TensorFlow, and representing & transforming features, among others. 

To make the most of this course, you must have experience coding in Python, knowledge of basic statistics, and knowledge of SQL & cloud computing. 

After completing the machine learning training program with TensorFlow, you will earn industry-recognized certification, gain access to high-quality career support resources, and unlock immense job opportunities.

The best part is this course is IBF funded which allows you to complete the course at a price that will blow your mind. Checkout now. 

2. TensorFlow for Deep Learning with Python

If you are a professional looking to solve problems via cutting-edge techniques, then this Complete Guide to TensorFlow for Deep Learning with Python at Udemy is for you!

With a 4.4 rating, this is one of the most popular courses at Udemy preferred by businesses like Nasdaq and NetApp. Not just businesses but a total of 92,477 students are enrolled for this course currently!

The course is divided into 13 sections, with 96 lectures, making the total duration to be 14 hours and 9 minutes. However, there are a few prerequisites to this course, you need to have a basic knowledge of programming language, preferably Python, and a fundamental understanding of Mathematics covering Mean, Standard Deviations, etc.

3. Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning by DeepLearning.AI

Are you intrigued by the advancement of Machine Learning? Are you a total newbie when it comes to Machine Learning & Deep Learning? Then DeepLearning.AI on Coursera has a perfectly curated course for you. 

With 296,239 enrollments and a 4.7 rating and a time duration of 20 hours, this course is quite renowned among beginners trying to learn TensorFlow, the famous open-source framework for Machine Learning. 

This course equips you with the ability to implement your learnings and build scalable models as part of resolving real-world issues. 

4. TensorFlow 1: Getting Started

As the name suggests, this course will give you a kick start for your TensorFlow learning journey. 

This course starts with Introduction to TensorFlow and then builds on Creating Neural Networks in TensorFlow, Debugging & Monitoring, Transfer Learning with TensorFlow, and Extending TensorFlow with Add-ons, all of this in a short duration of 2 hours 38 minutes, isn’t that great?

Once you have completed this beginner-level course you would have built a solid footing around TensorFlow and its implementation to develop your Machine Learning solutions.

5. TensorFlow Developer Certificate in 2021: Zero to Mastery

Thinking of cracking the TensorFlow Developer exam? This course on Udemy will give you a headstart. Being a project-dominated course, it allows you to apply the skills that you have acquired throughout your learning via the course. 

This course will be the best choice for developers, data scientists, and even students who want to exhibit their Machine Learning skills along with developing modern Deep Learning solutions. 

Before buying this course, do keep in mind that it has 422 lectures spread over 63 hours and 28minutes.

6. A Complete Guide on TensorFlow 2.0 using Keras API

A basic understanding of Python and mathematics is all you need to sign up for this course, with a 4.3 rating and 52,860 enrollments. 

No one likes complex concepts, this course teaches you exactly that – simplifying complex processes. Spread over 18 sections & 133 lectures, this course is a decent option for businesses, & students alike who want to pursue a career in Data Science, Machine Learning, or Artificial Intelligence. 

7. DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow Developer Professional Certificate Program

A perfect opportunity for you to build your neural network & predictions model using real-time world data with this hands-on professional certificate program. 

This program has four courses that are free to audit, all you need is – 4 hours per week for 4 months to complete this 4-course certification.

Course 1: Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning
Course 2: Convolutional Neural Networks in TensorFlow
Course 3: Natural Language Processing in TensorFlow
Course 4: Sequences, Time Series, and Prediction

8. Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform Specialization by Google Cloud

This five-course specialization furnishes you with multiple skills including TensorFlow, Vertex AI, Cloud Computing, ML, API, and Python Programming amongst other valuable skills. 

The five courses that will be covered in this specialization are: 

  • How Google does Machine Learning
  • Launching into Machine Learning
  • Intro to TensorFlow
  • Feature Engineering
  • Art and Science of Machine Learning

9. Advanced Machine Learning on Google Cloud Specialization

This five-course specialization will give you the needed experience in optimizing, deploying, and scaling production ML models. You will not only learn how to manage model dependencies but also set up distributed training for fault tolerance, replication, and more. 

The five courses that will be covered are: 

Course 1: End-to-End Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud
Course 2: Production Machine Learning Systems
Course 3: Computer Vision Fundamentals with Google Cloud
Course 4: Sequence Models for Time Series and Natural Language Processing
Course 5: Recommendation Systems with TensorFlow on GCP

10. Applied Machine Learning: Industry Case Study with TensorFlow

Want to create your Machine Learning algorithms after learning the basics of TensorFlow? Then this 3 hours course with 2 quizzes and 16 challenges, spread across 38 lessons will be the right fit for you

What’s better than a course that is business-focused and uses real-world scenarios to implement the acquired skill set. 

This course will teach you Preliminary Data Analysis, Data Processing, and Model Predictions.

11. Intro to TensorFlow for Deep Learning

Have you been waiting to develop your own AI applications? Guess what, Udacity in collaboration with TensorFlow has got the right course for you!

This course was developed for software developers while keeping a practical approach to Deep Learning. It also offers you the opportunity to build state-of-the-art deep learning models and use TensorFlow models on mobile. 

A few of the topics covered in this course are: 

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Your First Model: Fashion MNIST
  • Introduction to CNNs
  • Transfer Learning

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Wrapping Up

Industries from healthcare to social networks rely on TensorFlow to solve ML-related real-world problems. There are multiple reasons to learn and acquire this technical skill whether you are a student or a developer. 

With the advancement in technology, it is evident that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and if you want to be a part of revolutionizing humankind with AI, then these courses will be a step in the right direction for your career.

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