With Cloud Computing becoming one of the fastest-growing technological phenomena in 2022, computing services provided by Google Cloud Platforms have been quite the buzz; as one of the world’s top three cloud service providers with a market share of 8.5%. A report by Cisco in 2021 stated that about 94% of global workloads will be processed by cloud systems by 2021. In addition to this, if we look into the statistics, a forecast by Garner mentioned that the worldwide public cloud services market would grow by 33% in 2022 to a total of $354 billion, as compared to $266 billion in 2020.

This spike only suggests the massive, undeniable importance of Google Cloud Platform Products and Services, and if you are a developer looking forward to excelling in this field, this is the best time in the history of technological advancement to go for Google Cloud Platform Certifications. The good news is, Google offers a range of Google Cloud Certifications from beginner level to advanced. For those who want to have a basic understanding of cloud computing services by Google, they can choose entry-level certifications, while those who are willing to excel in their career as cloud professionals can go for advanced cloud computing certifications.

Before we look into the top Google Cloud Platform Courses and Certifications in 2022, it is important to understand the benefits of going for a Google Cloud Certification and its present-day career opportunities:

  •  Owing to the demand for Google Cloud professionals, a Google Cloud Platform Certification will stand out in your resume and increase your chances of an assured hike. With this certification, you will gain a lot of credibility and have leverage against your non-certified peers, in helping your company achieve its larger goals on computing.
  •  Meeting the industry standards, a Google Cloud Certification will make you marketable in a highly competitive job market and broaden your career prospects. Statistically, 80% of those who applied for a Google Cloud Certification for a new job received at least one job offer, while, one in three Google Cloud Certifies Engineers received a raise or acquired a job for higher pay.
  • Above all, last but not the least, Google is currently offering $300 free credit for these certifications, meaning there won’t be a better time than now to go for a Google Cloud Certification.
  • Being used in a wide variety of environments, all the way from startups to global companies, google cloud platform concepts are relevant and suggest individual growth. Let’s look into the top Google Cloud Platform Certifications that you can go for in 2022 and their prospects in the market.

Machine Learning with Tensorflow on Google Cloud Platform

Machine learning is a skill of the future, and a Machine learning certification will only make you more marketable while expanding your career prospects tenfold. A Machine Learning Training on a Google Cloud-based platform will upskill you in ways more than one. You can strengthen your cloud knowledge, earn a digital certificate, and start preparing for an industry-recognized Google Cloud certification.

Professional Machine Learning Certification will take your career to the next level, enhancing your pay scale and value in the market. With all vertical sectors gradually incorporating machine learning into their work structure, the demand for professionals who can drive valuable algorithms from machine learning has increased greatly.

Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure Training

In the one-day training session of Google Cloud Fundamentals Core Infrastructure, you will get hands-on labs experience that will equip you with the foundational skills for working with GCP. You will learn about crucial resources and policy management tools, such as the Google Cloud Resource Manager hierarchy and Google Cloud Identity and Access Management so that you are equipped with the skills and tools to execute and analyze better in any project or business, implementing Cloud-based solutions. 

In this training, you will be mentored to understand how Cloud-based solutions can be incorporated into business strategies for a better outcome.

Google Cloud Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals Training

Showcasing the ease, flexibility, and power of Big Data solutions on Google Cloud, The Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals training is a one-day course that will help you understand data processing capabilities and machine learning within a Cloud-based platform.  The primary focus of this training is to introduce participants to the fundamentals, products, and services in Google Cloud Platform so that you can effectively strategize your business solutions in a Cloud-based framework.

Google Cloud Fundamentals for AWS Professionals

Designed exclusively for AWS Professionals, the complimentary Google Cloud Training is an opportunity for AWS Professionals to upskill their Google Cloud Concepts and gain leverage against non-certified peers.

This free training session will introduce you to the core capabilities of Google Cloud in the four technologies as Networking, Compute, Storage, and Device. The concepts and terminology you learn from this training can be incorporated into business computing solutions for a better outcome.

As AWS professionals carry considerable knowledge of computing, on being introduced to Google Cloud Fundamentals and Concepts, they can deliver much better and become a valuable asset to their company.

Google Cloud Fundamentals for Azure Professionals

Structured for Azure Professionals, this course deals with the important concepts and terminology for working with Google Cloud Platform.  The important resources and policy management tools such as Google Cloud Resource Manager hierarchy and Google Cloud Identity and Access Management are explored in this training so that Azure Professionals can implement Google Cloud functions in their computing operations in an advanced way.

With the majority of Fortune 500 Companies using Google Cloud Fundamentals because of its ease, the demand for Google Cloud professionals has been greater than before. Although AWS and Azure have made quite a mark in the computing field and Google is still trying to catch up with the pace, the versatility in the Google Cloud Certification Trainings and the fact that it has been made accessible for both beginners and advanced professionals has widened the doors for all.

Meeting the industry standards and the changing needs of the market, a Google Cloud Platform Certification can transform your career path, as you come across real-time opportunities and hands-on experience through these training sessions to upskill yourself.

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