As companies across the globe are progressing towards an Agile way of working, the demand for Agile professionals has been soaring, as companies are on the lookout for experts who have the sound knowledge of working within a Scrum framework. Working in a Scrum framework implies having the capability to work across multiple teams and lead towards enterprise success. Any Agile professional who has mastered this is a valuable asset to his company. With the increasing need for Scrum Masters or Agile professionals, a Scrum Certification will upskill and broaden your career prospects like never before. 

In this blog, we discuss the five most beneficial Scrum Certifications that will help you secure a valuable position in an Agile company and help you gain an added advantage against your non-certified peers. With numerous Agile certifications to choose from, it can be quite a task to choose the right course that aligns with your skills and requirements. This blog will help you narrow down your choices as we talk about the top five Scrum Certifications in 2022. 

1. Advanced Scrum Master Training

Positioning within the top ten of Linkedin’s rundown of the Most Promising Jobs and having an anticipated year-over-year career development of 400%, the demand for Scrum Masters in the current market is unparalleled. An Advanced Scrum Master Certification will keep you ahead of the crowd, as you enhance your existing skills while developing newer ones, strengthening your core foundational Agile knowledge so that you can handle the challenges of middle management, offer strategic Agile solutions, and work with wider organizations on a Scrum framework. 

This training equips you with the tools and skills to function across multiple teams and remove bottlenecks in any project in a strategic manner, emphasizing teamwork. A definite in-demand role, the Advance Scrum Master Training has been designed exclusively for anyone who has a good understanding of Scrum and is playing the role of Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Change Agent, or Change Leader within the organization. 

2. Certified Agile Coaching Training 

With a reported median base salary of $103,000 and year-over-year growth of 67% in job openings, an Agile coach is the most in-demand Agile professional in all fields of Agile framework. Being equipped with an Agile mindset and acquiring the roles and responsibilities of an Agile coach puts one in the spotlight in any company working in an Agile framework. 

Improvisation and smarter resolution are what the world is looking at, and an Agile Coach implies innovation and creativity in the way teams approach any work or complex project to create a meaningful impact. This is why Agile coaches play a crucial role in any Agile operation. An Agile Coaching Training will help you understand the ‘doing’ and ‘being’ of Agile Coaching with a strong focus on stimulating real-world practical scenarios. As Agile continues to bring many benefits to cross-cultural teams, learning agile will be one of the best professional decisions you ever make. What you learn with agile makes you more marketable, capable to grow and develop in your current occupation, and becoming more versatile.

3. Leading Safe 5.1 Training

With more than 70% of Fortune 500 Companies having certified Safe consultants and practitioners on-site, Safe methodology is being adopted globally across Agile Companies. This has led to increasing demand for Safe Practitioners who can transform multiple-agile teams seamlessly into a Safe framework, for better synchronicity and collaboration, and help you develop an Agile mindset simultaneously. 

A Safe Training focuses on the growth mindset and helps you to establish Team and technical agility across multiple teams. While you master executing coordinated releases across programs, you also understand the underlying concepts of a Scaled Agile Framework, to ensure quality delivery across all projects. Hence, a Safe Certification is an important Scrum Certification that will keep you ahead of the Agile revolution, whilst you prepare yourself for a demanding position in Agile companies. 

4. Advance Scrum Product Owner Training

The role of a product owner in a Scrum team is of utmost importance, as he acts as the median between the needs of the customer and the business, assigning tasks to team members with a dynamic approach. With the growing need for Product Owners skyrocketing, an Advance Scrum Product Owner training is one of the best Scrum Certification Training you can go for if you are looking to excel in the Agile euphoria. 

Designed to focus on maximizing the value of the product over requirements, the Advance Scrum Product Owner Training helps you to gain a clear understanding of Product and Product Management while acquiring conflict management skills, creative thinking, and the ability to influence the team’s, other stakeholders. Network with professionals and envision your product as you put your skills to use, as the Scrum Product Owner Training equips you with the skills and tools to deliver quality products with utmost efficiency. 

5. Applying Professional Scrum for Software Development Training 

With 58% of Agile organizations using Scrum Approach, the prospect of product delivery within an Agile framework is highly prioritized across all vertical sectors, hence the growing demand of Software developers using the Scrum approach has become a niche. The Professional Scrum Developer Training will help you be a part of globally acknowledged Scrum developers and land high-paying jobs. 

This Scrum Certification Training will help you understand the synergy between the various elements of Scrum and complementary practices. You will be able to experience true collaboration between Developers, Product Owners, and Scrum as you master in the quest of building and delivering a high-end product of great value.  

To conclude

a Scrum Certification can truly broaden your career prospects tenfold given the increasing market demands. In an era, where technology presides, staying ahead of the Agile revolution by upskilling yourself is undoubtedly the best way to go about flourishing your career. 

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